Rotary Joint is an electro-mechanical device used in many various kinds of systems. The usage of this device ranges from the typical radar system to the radar systems which have the capability of allowing the rotation between the transmitter and the receiver, such as an airplane, air traffic control, ships and in automobile specifications. A Rotary joint is either a coaxial or a waveguide transmitting device which allows the signals to be transmitted back and forth between the antenna and ground components with little or no distortion.

Typical rotational speeds up to 500RPM
Power ratings are at 1GHz, 20°C and sea level
All models can be supplied without mounting flanges
Basic external material will be either stainless steel or brass
Stand and external finish will be passivate, for SST, or silver plate with tarnish resistance, for brass
Type N on stationary section, SMA on rotating section
Channel isolation shall be 50dB minimum
Typical rotational speeds up to 300 RPM
Basic finish is IRIDITE per MIL-C 5541
All models available without mounting flanges
Electrical performance typically improves at lower frequencies
Different combinations of connectors are available, however, electrical performance may vary